"Nuture the roots of children to bear global fruits"

Our mission is to provide quality basic education using modern technologies for the children, in order to prepare them for better life in the 21st Century.


"Discover Bright Future in Your Child, We will Shape!"

Our basic education is not only the solid foundation for attaining apex of success but also enriches human values to serve mankind with real spiritual happiness.


"There is a genius in everybody only some of them are less spolit".

VSE strongly believes that every child possess a wealth of potential. All that VSE does is facilitate its emergence in the most beautiful and natural way.

करिष्ये वचनं तव

The above divine words were uttered by great warrior Arjuna to Lord Krishna at the time of the Mahabharat war. It means "I will show my commitment towards your expected thoughts".

Upgoing Arrow

The upgoing arrow shows upliftment and progress of young scholars & preparing them to serve the nation.

Perfect Circle

It symbolizes perfection which reflects the development a child from roots to fruits.

A sign of "IT"

A sign of "IT" which talks about the theory of brain development with the help of technology. It is a courage to visualise the entire world through eyes and brain, resulting "the whole world in palm".

First letter of Vibrant

This "V" sign is the first letter of the entire Vibrant. Its shape reflects positive thinking, vedic culture and victory. The entire family of Vibrant is bound to follow the sign.

Innocent children's faces

The green colour symbolizes happy face of a girl child. While blue face of a boy child expresses knowledge and bliss. These figures represent co-education and equality of both the genders in today's world.

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